Zumba Forever Beanie Hat

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  • One size fits all
  • Textured knit beanie with rigid brim
  • Length, 7 1/4" (18.41 cm) , Width: 9 1/2" (24,13 cm)
  • Embroidered "Zumba" graphic on front 
  • Folded up edge around the hat opening with 2 5/8" brim

Perfect for colder weather, this brimmed beanie will keep you warm and help manage the glare on bright, sunny days.

  • Product Code Z3A000086
  • Our Guarantee If for any reason you’re unhappy with the item, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.
  • Composition 100% Acrylic
  • Collection Name Spring Summer 2023 P1 B
  • Apparel Fit N/A
  • Apparel Length N/A


Customer Review

Based on 9 reviews

Posted on zumba.com by Zumba N.:
I didn’t think I’d wear this hat but it is so cute! Warm not to tight and the visor looks nice. I may bling the word Zumba. A must have.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 10 March 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Jeannette C.:
Always high quality and people ask me about, so they like it. Very comfortable and it looks good. Stays put while dancing.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 5 March 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Patricia C.:
This cap fits great.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 4 March 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Jessica B.:
L<3VE it!! Stretchy and warm. I can wear with my hair in a messy bun or down ? ? Bonus is I get soo many compliments ☺️ ?

by Zumba.com Reviews, 11 February 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Amanda W.:
Love the feeling of this on my head! Very cozy and warm and doesn’t feel itchy at all! Problem is that my head is small lolol so my daughter, also Zin, who has a bigger head looks GREAT wearing this!! Yay!!

by Zumba.com Reviews, 4 February 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Faythe W.:
Very warm & stylish hat to wear on my way to & from teaching classes.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 30 January 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Dawn K.:
Best Zumba hat I have so far

by Zumba.com Reviews, 29 January 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Portia K.:
So cute!!! I love it.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 28 January 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Rhonda S.:
Warm, thickly knitted. I love the visor for sunny snowy days!

by Zumba.com Reviews, 27 January 2023