Zumba Coastal Club Bandanas 2PK


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Why You'll Love it:

  • Brightly printed Zumba branded bandanas
  • Sold as a 2 Pack
  • Bandana #1 has a tropical all over print and brightly colored "Zumba" border
  • Bandana #2 has a checker patterned center, multicolor "Zumba" text around the edges, and placed tropical leaves
  • Perfect fit and comfortable to wear

Elevate your Zumba style with the vibrant and versatile Zumba Coastal Club Bandanas 2PK. These brightly printed bandanas are a must-have accessory for any Zumba enthusiast. Sold as a convenient 2 pack, you'll have endless options to mix and match with your favorite Zumba outfits.

Bandana #1 features a stunning tropical all-over print that instantly transports you to a sunny beach paradise. The bold and colorful "Zumba" border adds a touch of playfulness and showcases your love for the Zumba brand. Whether you're rocking it as a headband or tying it around your wrist, this bandana is sure to make a statement.

Bandana #2 boasts a unique checker patterned center that adds a trendy twist to your Zumba look. The multicolor "Zumba" text around the edges adds a pop of color and complements the vibrant checker pattern. Placed tropical leaves complete the design, giving it a fresh and tropical vibe.

What sets these bandanas apart is the careful selection of high-quality fabrics. We understand the importance of comfort and durability, especially during intense Zumba workouts. That's why we chose premium materials that are soft against the skin and can withstand your most energetic dance moves.

These bandanas are made to enhance your Zumba experience. Whether you're using them to keep your hair in place during a high-intensity routine or adding a stylish flair to your everyday outfits, the Zumba Coastal Club Bandanas 2PK are the perfect accessory for any Zumba lover.

Join the Zumba Coastal Club and let these bandanas be your fashion statement. Embrace the vibrant prints, bold colors, and tropical vibes that define the Zumba brand. Get ready to turn heads and dance with confidence!

  • Product Code Z3A000145
  • Our Guarantee If for any reason you’re unhappy with the item, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.
  • Composition 100% Cotton
  • Collection Name Spring Summer 2024 P1 B
  • Apparel Length N/A


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