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Date Events Name Country Presenters Events Link
02-04-2023 Zumba® Master Class avec Cali (Zumba Jammer) et Kalidou France caroline blanchard
Elisabeth SAVELLI
Diallo Kalidou
Aline Chessel
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22-04-2023 Zumbathon® Charity Event Germany Ana Garcia
Alba Rocio Honold
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22-04-2023 Zumba® Master Class Party mit Alice Kollmann & Maurice Weindel Germany Veronika Brestovanska
Alice Kollmann
Maurice Weindel
Meral Sever
Sonia López
Alina Bäurle
Aniela Vukalic
Kristin Soba
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22-04-2023 Zumba® Master Class Spain Elena Rebaque Martínez
José Manuel Moruno
Norman Rojas Bernuy
Jose Calderin González
Claudiu Gutu
Diego Navarro
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29-04-2023 Zumba® Master Class Zumba® Tour Côte d'Azur France Check Webiste Visit Page
06-05-2023 RETRO ZUMBA-PARTY Germany ZES Didem Zeybek,
Rebecca Yüksel,
Corentin Penant,
Marcel Höll,
Malek Berberoglou,
Angeliki Dongas,
Aniela Vukalic,
Melanie Fischer,
ZJ Sarina Krahn
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13-05-2023 Zumba® Master Class Germany Randi Schmidt
Claudia Storck
Mustafa Basoglu
Diana Schad
Behzad Borhani
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13-05-2023 Zumba® Master Class Germany Ana Mendez
Danijela Filtzinger
Emil Kudjakov
Daniela Beier
Aileen Klein
Katharina Hochler
Camila Schweiss
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Zumba® Master Class with Steve Boedt
UK Check Website Visit Page
04-06-2023 GERMANY - SAVE THIS DATE!! Germany To be updated soon! More info soon
10-06-2023 Zumba® Master Class Bosnia Enesa Kekić Visit Page
10-06-2023 Scandinavian Zumba Party 2023 Denmark Zes Steve Boedt - Belgium
Zes Kass Martin - USA
Zes Didem Zeybek - Turkey
Zes Ecem Ôzcan - Turkey (Florida)
Zj Jon Martin - Spain
Zp Beatrice Andreea Coman - Romania
Zj Alba Duran - Spain
Zp Cristian Cauterrucio - Italy
Zp Adry Garcia - Spain
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11-06-2023 Peterborough Zumbathon® Charity Event 2023 UK SIOBHAN HOPKINS
Linda Mortimer
Karen Leeman
Rebecca Branscombe
Kirsty Allen
Jenny Lee
Penelope Hindson
Michelle Bellamy
Russell Leigh
Claire Colman
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18-06-2023 Zumba® Master Class mit PEDRO CAMACHO in Berlin Germany Check Website Visit Page
30-06-2023 Multi Day Zumba® Event Enoiss en Alta Mar 6.0 Spain Ricardo Rodrigues
Jesner Antonio Mosquera Iriarte
Nuno Emanuel Antas
Rodrigo Angello
Melissa Almeida da Cruz
Silvia Anguera
Jon Martin
Jonathan Benoit
Jessica Exposito
Antonio Torres
Alba Duran
Leticia Albalat
Benjamin Richard
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01-09-2023 Zumba® - Festival Alegria 2023 Bulgaria Check Website Visit Page
09-09-2023 Zumba® Fitness Party - Zumba® Master Class Germany Paraskevi Schilling
Dennis Zauner
Ashtar Gourie
Maurice Weindel
Angela Liess
Steffen Krumpf
Ninja Pfeffermann
Jens Rother
Corinna Allendorff
Alice Kollmann
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17-09-2023 Zumba® Master Class UK Hernan Reinoso Visit Page
23-09-2023 Zumba Fest Belgium Check Website Visit Page
23-09-2023 Zumba® Master Class Sport im Park Germany Sazan Karadaghi
Teresa Pagano
Kathrin Striegnitz
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23-09-2023 Zumba® Master Class Germany Romina Straßer
Denis Medinger
Natalie Neumann
Yuliet Telles
Daniela Fuchs
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24-09-2023 Zumba® Master Class Germany Roland Schmid
Nina Rink
Yuliyan Vasilev
Eva Rohleder
Tanja Söllner
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Loretta Bates goes NL volume 4 "Zumba Master Class"
Netherlands Danielle van den Berg-Gaillard
Loretta Bates
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14-10-2023 Zumba® Master Class with ZES™ MARINA LORENCIN
& ZJ™ ROB BIRCHBAUER + slovenian ZIN™ members
Slovenia Tadeja Markoja Zečević
Robert Birchbauer
Misa Hrabra
Drago Lorger
Tanja Kovačič
Špela Perme
Marina Lorencin
Maja Mamlić
Matjaž Fekonja
Petra Kozina Halcakova
Mojca Svetina
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14-10-2023 Zumbathon® Charity Event UK gaye williams
sarah bailey
Lauren Howell
Samantha Sorrell
Laura Sanders
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15-10-2023 Zumba® Master Class Germany Check Website Visit Page
12-11-2023 Zumba® Master Class 80s,90s and the best of today Germany Diana Schad
Uwe Bolik
Mustafa Basoglu
Melanie Bertram-Basoglu
Tatjana Sturm
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Zumba® Master Class Wiesbaden mit Zumba Sulu , Helio und Dyhonne do Amaral
Germany Paraskevi Schilling
Silke Natalis-Anzmann
Nestor Manrique Holzamer
Adina Maria Schäfer
Elena Sidorenko
Evi Mpetziou
Alfredo Santangelo
Katharina Hochler
Estefanos Naser
Helio Faria Moraes Junior
Sandra Aslanidis
Ayhan Sulu
Camila Schweiss
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Zumba® - Festival Alegria 2023  -  1 September till 3 September 2023
Event by
Stoyan Stoyanov
Duration : 2 Days
Location: Balchik BG

More information Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/840120773958411/
Contact & Reservation : *Spots are limited and reservations are made after confirmation by phone if there are available
Phone:  +359 (0)887 646 144 and +359 (0)896 678 299, Stoyan Stoyanov.
e-mail: [email protected]

Check out the previous edition 2022 : View pictures 

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