What to wear for a Zumba® Class - Starters guide

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What To Wear To A Zumba® Class: Starters guide

Wondering what to wear to your first Zumba® class? You’ll be moving in group and in sync with the instructor, so it’s important to think about what’s comfortable and also boosts your confidence. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to dress for Zumba®. From athletic-ready streetwear looks to casual graphic tees, you will definitely find something that fits your personal style and feels functional. To help you formulate your own wardrobe plan, we have outlined tips and tricks on what to wear to Zumba® class. Read on to learn more!


What to Wear to Zumba® Class

If you’re wondering what to wear to Zumba® class, start with a favorite pair of sneakers. This way, you’ll be totally ready for any sudden changes in movement or intensity. Next, try to incorporate a few of the following confidence boosters into your look. One thing to keep in mind is that there are lots of ways to dress for Zumba® it’s all about you and having FUN. No outfit is set in stone—there are lots of variations on each of the following suggestions. To find your own personal look, try to think of what you like to wear, what you already have on hand, and what will help you feel most confident.


Zumba® Footwear - A good pair of Zumba® shoes will protect your feet, support your ankles, and allow you to have full range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips. This is important because you want to avoid injuries when you’re exercising or dancing, especially as a beginner. Zumba® as most other fitness programs is a physically challenging activity that may put stress on your joints and muscles. Without a good shoe this can cause injuries that can sideline you from continuing your Zumba® journey. Zumba shoes will help you avoid these potential injuries by providing the appropriate amount of comfort and support that your feet need. A good Zumba® shoe will also prevent blisters and the build-up of moisture inside your shoes. You want to make sure that your Zumba shoes are well-ventilated so your feet can breathe. This will prevent the build-up of sweat and bacteria inside your shoes.

Read more about about selecting the right footwear ....



Well ventilated shirts can be a life-saver for a Zumba® class, because you are going to sweat alot. 
Ventilated shirts will push the sweat out, so you will not get that sticky feeling and cause less friction.  

An other option is performance sports wear, many Zumba® Wear tops are made of Z-Dri™ material, which dri s more quickly or have a mesh fabric wich allows your skin to breath more easily and pushes the sweat out. 


Athleticwear for Zumba® - Athleticwear is what most people think of when picturing Zumba®—These pieces come in lots of varieties and are great for Zumba® because they’re super breathable and move with you. - If you’re feeling really bold, you can try wearing head-to-toe athleticwear. This can be any color you like. 


Graphic Tees for Zumba® - Wearing a graphic tee is another great way to dress for Zumba®. Many Zumba instructors are big on self-expression, so you might find yourself in a room full of people wearing shirts that say “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” or “Dance like nobody’s watching.” Wearing a shirt that’s about dancing or Zumba itself can be a great conversation starter. You can also try wearing a shirt that has a positive message that resonates with you. - But also ideas for what you could wear include a plain black or other color t-shirt, or a T-shirt with a positive message or any other you like.

Design Bras, Padded Bras & Sports Bras for Zumba® - Wearing a good fitted bra is important when you start dancing. Many of the Zumba® branded bras are providing sufficient support, or there is an opportunity for padding. If you are blessed with a bigger size cup, we advice you to look for a good professional sports bra, which Prevent you skin from having too much friction or your cooper ligaments to break. 


Tank Tops, bras and Cropped T-shirts for Zumba® - A tank top or cropped t-shirt is another great option for Zumba®.  This can make you stand out from the crowd and help you feel more confident. - Tank tops and cropped t-shirts (as long as they’re not too revealing!) are also great for Zumba®, particularly if you happen to be wearing one which fits your bottoms. 



The best pants for wearing in a Zumba® class are workout pants. 
These pants are specificly designed to allow you maximum movement. In many Zumba® Wear designs we make usuage of mesh layers which give your legs maximum breathability and in combination with our Z-Dri™ fabric they dry in a fly.

Most important on workout pants is the ability to easily move / raise your legs while dancing. 
In many of our designs you will find high waistbands, for those who prefer this style, it allows you to move freely while keeping that tummy covered. 

Confidence Boosters for Zumba

Leggings for Zumba - Wearing Zumba® leggings or shorts is a great way to feel totally confident during class. This is particularly true if you happen to be wearing a shorter pair of leggings, as this can end up looking pretty cute. Leggings are also ideal for Zumba because they’re super breathable and very flexible. Zumba® Wear leggings are often designed with a high waist band they will fit you comfortably, and with the 4 –Way stretch and Z-Dri™ they will allow for bigger moves and more flexibility, while you stay dry in this sweat resistant fabric.—no matter what the instructor throws your way, they’ll help you move more freely. - If you have a pair of  leggings that you love, this is a great way to dress for Zumba®.

Sweat Pants for Zumba® - Sweat pants are another good option for Zumba®. Pay attention to Light-coloured sweat pants which can become see-through when they’re wet with sweat, which can be pretty unflattering. - If you’re wearing sweat pants, try to find a pair that is fitted enough that they don’t bunch up or down around your waist as you will be moving a lot.



Zumba® accessories can be essential but many are also just for fun or to spice up your outfit. 


Wristbands for Zumba® - Joining a Zumba® Class starts with just the fun of it. But quickly you'll get hooked and in no time you be burning those calories. With all this excitement and heat your entire body will perspire a lot. A pair of wristbands at that time come handy and will act as a mini towel which will remove that sweat from your forehead and face so you can continue moving those beats. 

Fitness Towels for Zumba® - Probably the most essential accessorie to have on hand during a Zumba® Class is a Fitness towel. They come in a size of 25 cm x 101cm which makes them easy to carry with you and this way you do not have to use your BIG "Shower" towel during the class. 

Bandanas for Zumba® - Let your self 100% go during your Zumba® Party, Jump those feet, move your legs, raise your arms, trow your head in all directions. A hair bandana can keep that long head of hair in shape while you give in to the beats of the music



Affordable outfit for Zumba® - The varaiety of sports apparel is endless nowday. You can find tops, bottoms and footwear in any price category. You'll find out that once you start looking at a more dureable or technical advanced product the prices will be higher with a valid reason. 
Zumba® Wear comes at different pricepoints, you will find less expensive items when it comes to basic items and you will find items which come at a higher pricepoint because of its longer dureability, added Z-Dri™ or 4-Way Stretch fabrics. A Supplex material will keep everything more in place, and remains its shape wash after wash compared with a cheaper model. 

At all times there is always a Sale section on the website where you can buy those high end products at a discounted price. 



Zumba® is an incredibly addictive workout that helps you feel more confident and celebrates the beautiful person you are. When you’re wondering what to wear to a Zumba® Class, remember to first check your confidence level. What makes you feel good about yourself? What helps you feel confident and ready to dance? There are lots of ways to dress for Zumba®. Zumba® wear is very affordable because of its long durability and technical fabrics. If you’re unsure what to wear to your first class, try to find a few of these suggestions and experiment with different outfits. You’ll likely find a look that feels totally natural to you and boosts your self-confidence as you move!