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Hi Zumba® Wear Fan! 

Whether you have access to shopping on zumbawear.eu or not, our authorized Zumba® Wear Resellers and Distributors can offer you personalized customer service and product knowledge that you will not find online. 

In case you are planning on hosting a Zumba® Event or Master Class and would like to offer Zumba® Wear to your attendees, we highly suggest you connect with your local Zumba® Wear Reseller or Distributor, who are a great resource to help you pop up a Zumba® Wear Shop at your event, to create a unique and engaging experience to all your event attendees that will be unforgettable! 

Below you will find the contact information for our authorized Zumba® Wear Resellers and Distributors in your area:

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EU Reseller Directory
Country Reseller City Phone E-mail
Austria Beth Mandlik 6850 Dornbirn 0043 6766621445 Contact mail
Belgium Darly Andrea Reyes Henao 1030 Bruxelles 0032 484164372 Contact mail
Belgium Caroline Simon 4682 Oupeye   Contact mail
Bulgaria Borislava Valentinova Rusinova 1000 Sofiya 00359 887454754 Contact mail
Czech Republic Petra Jelínková 270 23 Roztoky 00420 603710568 Contact mail
Denmark Barbara Eriksen 2700 Brønshøj   Contact mail
Denmark Luz Ángela Gómez Vanegas 5220 Fraugde   Contact mail
Estonia Kristiina Rauba 66629 Järvere   Contact mail
Finland Minna Pakkanen 37600 Valkeakoski 00358 405304323 Contact mail
Finland Tero Makkonen 40800 Vaajakoski 00358 443001225 Contact mail
Finland Piia Korkiamäki 60100 Seinäjoki   Contact mail
France Deborah Jung 67170 Bernolsheim 0033 642400282 Contact mail
France Patricia Laval 81150 Lagrave 0033 0769434402 Contact mail
France Olivier Bagnaude 74920 Combloux 0033 643752408 Contact mail
France Sonia Benameur 13015 Marseille 0033 635661784 Contact mail
France Wassily Eyermann 94350 Villiers-sur-Marne 0033 686840252 Contact mail
France Julien Gingréau 37390 Notre-Dame-d'Oé 0033 684625315 Contact mail
France Elisabeth Savelli Delaval 13480 Cabries   Contact mail
Germany Sandra Wolf 37339 Breitenworbis 0049 1739714907 Contact mail
Germany Filipe Nunes Pires dos Santos 49074 Osnabrück 0049 54140760365 Contact mail
Germany Monica Opsahl 36381 Schlüchtern 0049 1601558883 Contact mail
Germany Marcel Hoell 35410 Hungen 0049 1721407574 Contact mail
Germany Silke Maar 63906 Erlenbach am Main 0049 93721209520 Contact mail
Germany Melanie Fischer 46446 Emmerich am Rhein   Contact mail
Germany Jennifer Hofmann 67259 Beindersheim   Contact mail
Germany Viktoria Becher 42119 Wuppertal   Contact mail
Germany Claudia Koller 35080 Bad Endbach   Contact mail
Germany Antonia Woick 14476 Potsdam   Contact mail
Germany Marcus Lehmberg 46117 Oberhausen   Contact mail
Germany Julia Köhler 04207 Leipzig   Contact mail
Iceland Tatiana Svavarsdottir 201 Kopavogur   Contact mail
Italy Giulia Ninni 870010 Valenzano Puglia 0039 3462251021 - 0039 3384804420 Contact mail
Italy Marcello Guastella 95041 Caltagirone 0039 3333026278 Contact mail
Italy Giada Pagliuca 59013 Montemurlo 0039 3896870670 Contact mail
Italy Elena Truzzi 33050 San Vito al Torre 0039 3389957047 Contact mail
Italy Hale Mohyedin 43125 Parma   Contact mail
Italy Giorgia Casi 24030 Ambivere   Contact mail
Latvia Amanda Šteina 3101 Tukums 00371 27701619 Contact mail
Latvia Flera Arente 1084 Riga   Contact mail
Lithuania Julija Ambrasiene 63257 Alytus 00370 69975026 Contact mail
Lithuania Irina Šlimiene LT00106 Palanga 0037061693475 Contact mail
Moldava Dina Fomicheva 3300 Tiraspol   Contact mail
Netherlands Sheila Kroes 3514 BB Utrecht   Contact mail
Netherlands Manon Driessen 6271A Gulpen 0031647482310 Contact mail
Norway Trine Mørland Tveit 4870 Fevik   Contact mail
Portugal Idalina Amado Lima 1900-535 Lisboa 00351 963953714 Contact mail
Portugal Dalila Alexandra Sabino Salvador Martins 2660-179 Lisboa 00351 915007988 Contact mail
Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles Michael Marmitte 97430 Le Tampon   Contact mail
Romania Camelia Mariana Petrasca 400483 Cluj Napoca 0040 756016008 - 0040 755033515 Contact mail
Slovakia Michaela Haspra 94901 Nitra   Contact mail
Spain Francisco Serrano Sanchez 30100 Murcia 0034 690243887 Contact mail
Spain Priscilla Villalba Rodríguez 11500 El Puerto de Santa María 0034 651392443 Contact mail
Spain Monia Tarantola 46130 Massamagrell (València) 0034 684307731 Contact mail
Spain Mariana Carla Morali 28523 Madrid 0034 693450874 Contact mail
Spain Radostina Damyanova 07004 Palma de Mallorca 0034 627399380 Contact mail
Spain Fabio Bovi 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria   Contact mail
Spain Anahi Jerez Zamora 08339 Barcelona   Contact mail
Spain Gema Molina Garcia 28760 Madrid   Contact mail
Sweden Frida Ekberg Bennecir 23165 Trelleborg 0046 702104555 Contact mail
Sweden Malin Ersson-Rapp 61071 Vagnhärad 0046 763919817 Contact mail
Switzerland Rene & Amela Kurz Zürich   Contact mail
Switzerland Ivana Eheleben 3113 Rubigen   Contact mail
Switzerland Pietro Celetti 6814 Lamone   Contact mail
UK Kerry Southwick DA14LB Crayford - Kent 0044 7825588575 Contact mail
UK Sarah-Jayne Yallop NR8 6EE Norfolk 0044 7789 561244 Contact mail
UK Nikolett Forgacs BS5 8SN Bristol   Contact mail
UK Gillian Veldhoven ML6 6GG Airdrie   Contact mail

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