Zumba Tie-Dye Kit

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  • Kit Includes: Magenta, Yellow, and Turquoise Dye Powders, 25 Grams of each color    
  • Includes Dye Tray, 3 PC Bottles, 125ml, 80 ml Dye Fixative    
  • Includes measuring Spoon, plastic funnel, 5 pairs of gloves & 20 rubber bands    
  • Instruction booklet included with "How to Use" guide and inspiration for different tie-dye techniques    
  • Follow #ZWeartiedye for inspiration, and share your own creation!

Customize your Zumba Wear wardrobe with a tie dye look! Mix and match the 3 dye colors in this kit to create a look that is one-of-a-kind you.

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  • Collection Name Fall Winter 2022 P3


Customer Review

Based on 2 reviews

Posted on zumba.com by Mónica C.:
I love this, is perfect to customize clothes. The colors look good. I just wished it came with more powder to tie dye. Feel like is too little. Also it should have instructions on how to mix colors to achieve others.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 28 October 2022

Posted on zumba.com by LAURA G.:
The dye was easy to mix and fun to do.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 20 October 2022