Zumba Air Funk Cheetah


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  • Product Code Z1F000082
  • Our Guarantee If for any reason you’re unhappy with the item, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.
  • Composition 75%Textiles/25%PU
  • Collection Name Footwear Spring Summer 2024 F4
  • Apparel Fit N/A
  • Apparel Length N/A


Customer Review

Based on 2300 reviews

I bought this year a go and love it the best Zumba shoes I had light and comfortable. I need new one Please bring back in stock the whites in all sizes.

by Ekaterini Tzani, 22 April 2024

I have been watching for my size 7.5 or 8 to be available in White Air stomp funk 2.0 for 6 months now. It is still not back in stock!! Please pls make all sizes available in white and do more colors in this range. Unable to fall out of love with this shoe

by Kalpana Ravi, 29 January 2024

Posted on zumba.com by Beverly:
Love the shoes; 2nd pair (wore out the first) My students follow my feet apparently and these help!!

by Zumba.com Reviews, 17 January 2024

Best shoe I ever had. Because of my weak knee I really need perfect shoes to do all the dance moves and jumps without pain. I really really really hope that this stomp air funk 2.0 stays for ever in the collection, in all beatyfull colours. (I love this beatyfull red one ... but the yellow, green and white are also super nice ... hope one day I can get blue ones)

by H.P.C. van liempd Aalbers, 13 January 2024

Türkiye de 36 alıyorum eu 35 tam kalıp çok tatlı ve rahat bir ayakkabı

by Sultan Pakyürek, 19 December 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Emilys:
Hermosos ! La medida perfecta

by Zumba.com Reviews, 15 December 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Louraine:
So comfortable, love it!

by Zumba.com Reviews, 13 December 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Robin P.:
These shoes are awesome! They are super comfortable and cute. I feel lots of support for my ankles, which is exactly what I needed. I also have this same style in neon green and red.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 13 December 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Janice S.:
These are true to size and extremely comfortable. Depending on the flooring you dance on, you may not have the same grip. Just keep that in mind.

by Zumba.com Reviews, 12 December 2023

Posted on zumba.com by Julie S.:
Not sure why but these fit well straight out of the box in size 9. I like them to be a little big and love the fabric toe box- gives plenty of space. I have in neon yellow also- my FAVORITE color. Tie yellow ones are a little too big and I sometimes nearly trip over my own feet. I have learned to adjust and use orthotics in my yellow ones. So glad I finally started wearing the air funks. Perfect for teaching at the gym!

by Zumba.com Reviews, 12 December 2023